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qu est ce qu un commerce
What is a store?
A place, a place where we would come to carry out a transaction? Satisfy a desire?
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With the rapid development of digital,
a store can no longer only
be limited to the rational and the functional
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A store can no longer remain a place, it must become a destination where one takes pleasure in going
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At Aristide
we help stores become destinations
thanks to sensory marketing
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Light marketing

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The expert and creative Aristide team develops high-performance, scalable and robust lighting solutions that are easy to install with limited investments. The light reveals the point of sale and arouses the desire to enter it. She has the gift of attracting attention, magnifying the product, flattering colors and textures and thus increasing the conversion rate.

Scent Marketing

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Our Olfactory Designers, in partnership with a nose based in Grasse, create your olfactory signature which will then be diffused according to an installation specific to your sales area. Perfumes are harmless to health and will allow you to strengthen your brand image while providing a feeling of well-being to your customers and impacting the development of your teams.

Creator of sensory concepts

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Aristide develops creative and original concepts that support the entire customer journey in order to create a unique store experience.


reference to the father of sensory marketing and no less creator of Bon Marché, Aristide Boucicaut

Our 6 areas of expertise


Product creation


French construction


Sensory concept







Our latest achievements

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Come live
a sensory experience
at Atelier Aristide
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Come live
a sensory experience
at Atelier Aristide

Contact us

Aristide workshop
233, street of the Croix-Nivert
75015 Paris- France
Aristide factory
Innovespace A15
333, street Marguerite Perey
77127 Lieusaint- France
Phone: +33 [0]1 64 13 07 08
Fax: +33 [0]1 64 13 07 08
Email: contact@aristide.paris